Here at Illumin8 we believe in green business. As well as performing to a high standard, we think products should be smart and energy-efficient too.

That’s why we’re proud of our fleet of lighting towers, which are developed with the latest technology to make them the  smartest and greenest in the UK.

Our towers maximise good value, safety and efficiency while minimising costs, pollutants and C02 emissions.

We’ve designed our lights to push performance standards up for customers, and also the planet, right down to how we transport them.

We transport 14 units in each truck, instead of the standard amount of around 8 or 9. That means we’re able to put substantially less trucks on the road, resulting in reduced C02 emissions.

Our smart lights can also be controlled, monitored and troubleshot remotely. We’re a phone call away and thanks to our smart technology we can normally give customers the answers they need in minutes – that means substantially less maintenance call outs!

We get to spend a lot of time outdoors at beautiful venues (yep, we’re pretty lucky). There’s no wonder why people flock to enjoy the British countryside, and we think businesses should go the extra mile to help sustain it.

Our lights run on much less fuel than other options on the market. Illumin8 towers consume just 0.47L an hour compared to the standard 1.93L per hour.

Most lighting towers output 5.1kg of C02 emissions, but ours output drastically less – just 1.45kg.

Reduced fuel consumption also means a more economical product for customers. Fuel costs for running standard lighting towers is likely to come in at around £462, whereas running one of our smart Illumin8 towers will come in at £112.80.

We believe that customers shouldn’t have to balance economy with quality, and our clever, green lighting towers ensure they don’t have to.

To find out more about our commitment to green business call us on: 01245 208031