Autumn is approaching, but our rugged new battery tower light, Illumin8 X-Battery, is set to save the day (quite literally) for many customers working through autumn and winter.

Our new product promises durability safety and high performance through an upcoming winter which, frankly, doesn’t sound to be one of the most promising.

The UK national weather offices recently gave out the possibility of ‘unprecedented’ rainfall this winter (sigh). And with nights drawing in, construction and industry sites will need a stable and powerful light source to keep work ticking over safely.


That’s why we’ve developed the Illumin8 X-Battery, which is built to be long-lasting and weather resistant, while cutting fuel costs and maximising performance.

They’re the perfect solution for busy companies who don’t want to find themselves left in the dark over the colder months.

As well as guaranteeing 200 square metres of lit space, the model has been built to withstand the elements, maximise reliability and fuel efficiency.

The sturdy body features anti-corrosion protection, with certified wind stability of up to 110km per hour, and a vertical mast is built with safety features.

The lights are easily adjustable and tilt-able, assuring the perfect fit for any site, with a running time of 72 hours between charges.

The lights have a 24volt DC battery and a 230V 1PH Battery charger built-in, and thanks to one of the most compact footprints on the market, 22 units can be placed on a single vehicle.

As well as giving industrial sectors solutions during the harsher winter months, the lights are also a great option for outdoor sports and winter events.

The lights also have programmable timers to maximise control and convenience for the customer. They eliminate fuel costs, give of no carbon or noise emissions whatsoever and require no maintenance.

To find out more about our great new product, click here, or contact us direct.