Here at Illumin8 we understand that lights play a big part in making projects come to life, so we wanted to ensure that our customers were in full control.

Our remote technology empowers clients to make the very most of their events, projects and sites. Illumin8 Lights remote technology firmly puts the customer in the driver’s seat by enabling 24-hour control and monitoring of their site.

Our lights can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world. Customers can assess fuel and battery levels, overall function, alter settings and switch lights on and off whenever they please.

Each tower has a smart sim card built-in, meaning clients can access information about the light and also control it via an app. The app can be downloaded to laptops, iPads and smart phones.

More than offering clients a clever way to access and monitor their site’s lighting, the sim is also a security feature. Each lighting tower and sim contains a unique tracker, which helps to combat the risk of theft.

Our remote technology also bumps up the brilliant value of our service and lights, as 90% of the time any potential technical issues can be diagnosed and rectified via the app.

As well as empowering our clients with remote access to and control over their site’s lighting at all times, it also eliminates the risk of unnecessary charges.

Via the app, we can usually spot if any potential faults are caused by user error, or ones which require an engineer to visit the site.

If the fault is user error or one which we can resolve off-site we’ll get straight onto it, eliminating any needless callout fees for the customer.

The remote feature is just one of the things that really make our lights and service stand out from the crowd.

The technology is also very popular with our energy-conscious clients, as the remote control means that lights don’t have to be on a minute longer than desired.

As well as being the greenest option on the market, our innovative and smart technology also makes Illumin8 towers incredibly flexible and safe.

You can find out more about our fleet of lighting towers by visiting this section of our website, or get in touch with the team. We’re always happy to help!