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The Illumin8 Way

Yes, there are hire companies that offer site lighting as part of their general plant fleet. Some will deliver, and others may even unload the lights for you but Illumin8 does so much more than just a standard ‘deliver and drop off’ service.

The Experts

Our whole team specialise in Lighting Towers, meaning this is our expertise as well as our passion:

Everything we do is tailored to deliver the best possible lighting tower service, from our knowledge, to our kit, to our bespoke vehicles.

Contactable 24/7.

Each Illumin8 Truck comes with its own moffett to unload and load for you at site.

On request, our specialist teams can distribute and install around site for you.

We listen to what you need, meaning what turns up at site will be the best for your job.


Illumin8 include an advanced telemetry, wireless tracking and monitoring system to the majority of their lighting fleet. An operator can see, via a connected device – smartphone, laptop or tablet these operations:

The precise location of each unit, tracked by GPS.

How the set is performing.

Check basic functions such as low oil, low fuel and low battery levels.

Save fuel by remotely switching off individual lights.

If any of the lights are malfunctioning or require routine maintenance, the operator will then report this information back to Illumin8 for rectification before the set becomes inoperable. This saves time and helps to keep the project running by reducing any potential downtime.

Using Illumin8 lighting saves time and helps to keep your project running.

Equipment management

Liaising with your venue managers, our team can unload, install and dismantle the equipment meaning you don’t have to. Our fuel management service will also ensure you always have light, scheduling deliveries and refuelling.

HVO Fuel

Illumin8 are supporting the use of HVO fuel. For those that are not familiar with HVO fuel, it is a renewable diesel alternative based on vegetable oils, grease and similar residue. 

HVO fuel can reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 90% when likened with fossil-fuel diesel.

HVO is FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) free fuel and is wholly compatible, and approved to use, as an alternative replacement fuel to traditional fossil-fuel diesel.

HVO fuel can be safely stored for up to ten years, whereas regular diesel, even under ideal conditions, can only be stored between six and twelve months.

HVO can reduce the possibility of fuel contamination, breakdowns and fuel testing.

Tests have indicated that HVO fuel provides better starting, cleaner combustion and consequently less chance of waxing and water retention in extreme temperatures.

With many major UK infrastructure projects promoting the use of HVO, combining Illumin8 lights with HVO fuel will produce a cleaner, greener atmosphere.

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